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Eragon – all pervasive

I read the first two Eragon books recently, the third and final is currently being written. My timing seems to have been quite good because as I was reading the second book, I found out that there was a film being made… and then there are the inevitable video games. Now on the company I work at are running ads for Eragon on our website. It’s everywhere!

The youth of Christopher Paolini, the author, and the success it has achieved are astounding. Christopher was 15 when he graduated from school and started the first book, and 18 when he started the second. The book was self published by his parents, and is now being turned into a movie (released next week) and video games for pretty much every game format.

The first of the series, Eragon, has been criticised as being a little formulaic and derivative but I think, especially considering the author was only 15 when he started, that the book is incredibly good. The second, Eldest, is even better, showing much less (none?) of the derivative nature of the first. If you like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or pretty much any of the more adult fantasy books, then Eragon is likely to be something you will enjoy.

You can read more on the official Eragon series website

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  1. I agree – the second book is much better than the first book and really shows Paolini has the potential for even better books. He’s young enough that with all the cash he’s making he can write full time, and hopefully he will continue to write and improve as time goes on.

  2. I agree that Paolini’s writing is more unique and mature in the second book, but I think his overall storytelling ability suffered due to his emphasis on trying to improve. In his first book I did find myself thinking ‘he took that from Eddings’, ‘he took that from Feist’, but in the end it was a very interesting story. The second book seemed to drag, particularly the child-like delight Paolini seemed to take in creating his own language (dwarvish). Unless you’re an avid fan and willing to figure out what the words mean it only takes away from the story. Also Paolini’s description of Eragon’s love for Arya betrays his youthful perspective. What he describes is a stalker like obsession, not what will become the “epic love” Angela foretold. Anyway, bottomline Eragon was a very enjoyable read, and if Paolini would just write within his ability in the future he will create many more interesting stories.

  3. I was amazed how good the first book was and honestly its one of the only books i’ve fully read. i couldnt belive that a 15 year old had written the book. But i have too admit that the second book is better. and i keep reading the first and second book untill the thrid book comes out. i especially like how how he portrays the elfs and explanes all about them im a real Vinr Alfakyn

    Se onr sverdar sitja hvass

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