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  1. I think that a review is not an advertisement.
    You must say what you think, then readers will have their opinion.
    This is the same thing which happens in tech magazines, when they made reviews of products.
    ReviewMe is a good idea and is very different from “Pay for post”

  2. I hadn’t really considered looking at it that way. I must admit I haven’t looked at Pay per post so don’t know what the differences are, but I am slowly coming around to the idea of doing this whole reviews thing.

  3. Actually Ben. RM’s model is just a subset of PayPerPost. PPP allows you to do exactly as lucacicca recommends (“say what you think, then readers will have their opinion”) and allows you full disclosure. PPP is also structured as a 24/7 marketplace putting the blogger in control so you can select the most interesting from multiple opportunities (think eBay) instead of a 48hr yes/no decision. Whether using PayPerPost or other sponsored post platforms, stay true to yourself, your blog and your readers — and, even then, be prepared for some flames as the whole space evolves…

  4. I don’t think you’re selling your soul, especially if you go ReviewMe. They don’t say that you have to review it positively, just honestly.

    A good example is Paul Stamatiou’s scathing review on Enerto, who found him through ReviewMe.

  5. Do you generally work for free? Of course not—it’s perfectly reasonable to receive remuneration for your services as a reviewer. What people don’t pay for they don’t value, and to help someone else make money from their site without taking your cut would be to sell yourself short. Isn’t your time and effort worth more than $0.00?

    So the question isn’t should you get paid. The question is simply whether you want to publish reviews, and that is surely easier to decide.

  6. Since it doesn’t change your weblog content too much, go ahead! Just keep not sending the e-mail addresses you get here to spammers [g] That would really be selling not only your soul, but everybody else’s 🙂

  7. Wow – lots of people for the reviews. I think that’s decided it for me. I just got my email saying i have 24 hours to go so I think I will go and accept.

    VC Dan – thanks for the info

    Shorty – I had already seen Pauls post. I have every intention of posting honestly. If I don’t like something I will say so, but I will also try to keep things constructive.

    Bruce – fair points. I have no problem with posting reviews, and will try to keep them related to my sites content.

    Patrícia – there is no way I would sell anyones email address – I can promise that one!

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  9. I can’t believe you’ve sold your cotton-wool soul to the monetary satan that is paid blogging. Shame on you.

  10. Great idea, I want someone I trust whom is honest to review products for me, and even better if you get some money, go for it. The Regulus theme rocks 😉
    Good blog from a fellow brit only problems you area southerner 😉 but let me know if you come up to Tyneside and will show you how the other half live.
    Great Site first visit but interesting, found my way via Hipcast.com as they are using your theme for there blog 😉

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