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  1. I absolutely loved 9 – really loved it. It was so original and allowed you to connect with the characters.

  2. I can’t find this movie anywhere. I read that it was released to DVD in December, but where did it go?

  3. This film has some serious storyline flaws…

    1st, “9” (our protagonist), is the one who causes ALL of the problems! This movie ends with everyone living happily ever after if 9 keeps his hands to himself and simply asks 2 after the “cat beast” is killed, “Hey, what’s this strange object that I’ve discovered?” rather then thinking to himself, “Hmmm… That evil cat beast was trying to insert that strange object into that crevice… I’ll try that, too!” This DIRECT action kills “2” and kills four other of the good robots! How can you cheer for a protagonist like that?!

    2nd, the film buries the real story… That 1 is a dictator that purposefully sent 2 out to be killed by the cat beast! Nothing is done with this story arc… At all! I was floored when I realized that the movie did next to nothing with this story arc! Here is a perfectly valid story arc that could have been exploited in any number of ways that is literally left to die on the vine. 1 eventually sacrifices himself at the very end but the reasoning is all wrong… 1 thinks of himself as a sacrificial hero, even though he should be seeing the error in his ways by trying to get 2 killed in the first place!

    3rd, this film ends (again) when the factory is blown up. Any explosion that is great enough to decimate a steel and concrete building can’t damage the circuitry of a robot? That’s trapped inside? This is not “The Terminator”! Being so early in the film, everyone knows this is a false ending anyway and it generates not one bit of shock when -surprise- the main villain isn’t killed!

    4th, how can they possibly defend the convention that only 9 (masculine robot), 7 (the ONLY feminine robot), 3 & 4 (pacifist mute robots) are the only robots left alive? Are 7 and 9 going to mate? It’s one thing in the movie WALL-E if WALL-E and EV-E have a “romance” because it’s cutesy Disney/Pixar and it’s meant for little children with short attention spans and even smaller imaginations but “9” is a PG-13 film! I expected a little more from an indie CGI film then the typical “boy gets girl” conclusion that you find in so many other hack movies.

    5th, just WHY did the main villain have to be killed with the mysterious object in the first place? A well-placed artillery shell nearly does the job, the factory explosion certainly should have done the job and the main villain was completely lifeless until 9 brought it back to life to begin with! If it’s to “release the souls,” then what does that mean? We’d see more 1s, 2s, 5s, 6s and 8s pop out of the ground like corn stalks once it starts raining? At the very least, they could have at least revived the “dead” characters and given the movie a little bit of an upbeat conclusion (1 and 2 could have reconciled their differences, etc.).

    This film was a huge disappointment and anyone wanting to see this film best watch the short film instead. At least there, 9 is a competent protagonist.

    1. 1st the scientist made nine last cause he couldn’t spare anymore of his soul before he had a time to put a voice box and a description explaining what to do in his memory banks 2 was knocked out everyone else was busy HE knows NOTHING! He cant possibly think he has barely any time to relax. jeez.

      2nd no comment that was well it sucked just no comment

      3rd that made things more EPIC the scientist only made one shut down method so cant complain

      4th in these movies they always find away i was expecting more to die and still they would win

      5th again THE ONLY METHOD OF SHUT DOWN TO THE ROBOT WAS THE MYSTERIOS ITEM and everyone when guy gets girl especially since the world practically is over

  4. The credits are just rolling on this movie. I’ve really enjoyed it. Maybe there are a couple of flaws but this is a beautifully produced, gripping movie, a great evening’s viewing. I really liked your post about it. Thanks.

  5. So just finished watching this………..
    and this is a first review for me as i came online to try to find out a story plot or background info on the film from the web but it seems a few others are having the same problem understanding the point to the movie

    .i really enjoyed it but i was left asking alot more questions than i like to be which is making me feel unsatisfied. i could mention all the things that have been before but what’s the point.
    i do have to say wat was the point of the brain absorbing the souls of 1256&8 if in the end it was to be destroyed the object……..
    it also seems that the brain was working fine without this object when it conquered the world, or did it require the object to function and if so how did the scientist end up with it……..
    and then if the scientist did end up with it after world domination then what was the point of creating the 9 if the damage had already been done……….
    which leads bk into my 1st point.
    like i said i have far to many questions left to be completely happy

  6. i really enjoyed the film, its just the ending…..
    what happens after ?!
    I thought 5 and 7 were together but then 9 comes along…
    they should of brought the other back to life i mean poor 6,
    he was trying to tell everyone the truth and just ended up dieing anyway..

    and what waz the point if 9 anyway, everyone was alright but 9 got involved and killed everyone off, 3 & 4 are probably freaked out completely !

  7. I absolutely loved this film. As I did Coraline. I had no idea the same people made it but the former reminded me of the latter when I watched it.

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