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  1. There’s a growing tendency amongst developers to overcomplicate things in the name of scalability and maintenance.

    There are a lot of websites that are built once, rarely changed – in terms of look and feel – and replaced by new websites within two years.

    Before we get engulfed by libraries, frameworks and CSS methodologies and naming schemes I think we should check the context of our build.

    To draw on a shelter building analogy, sometimes a tent pitched in a field will be enough, sometimes you need a caravan and sometimes you need a brick built house – it’s very rare that you’re building an entire village by starting with a road layout and building cottages one at a time.

    Defining what sort of project you’re building and estimating its lifespan would be a better approach than using the next build as a chance to learn the latest innovation in build tools.

    Just saying….

    1. Hey Tony – thanks for the feedback and I absolutely agree. Right tools for the job and all that.

      My concern with not learning this stuff (at least the basics) is that in a couple of years we won’t be able to understand what people are talking about. We need to be able to follow tutorials/ documentation for whatever we are working on/ with, or we won’t be able to do our job effectively.

      1. Hey Ben, totally agree, we do have to keep up, but I’ve started to wait for things to settle a bit before jumping in.

        I’m still not sure I need SMACSS, BEM or ITCSS, but I’ve looked at them all. I also learned LESS before settling on SASS.

        I think that the big issue is that rather than really learn the underlying stuff, there are too many very clever developers creating new *flavours* of things because they can, not because they’re essential.

        It’s Betamax vs VHS all the time!

        I’m now going for leading edge, rather than bleeding edge.

      2. I agree with all that too!

        I too learned LESS before moving to SASS. I don’t use BEM or any other css conventions since I tend to work alone so I can use what makes me happy; however I recently read about ITCSS and it seems I what I use is quite similar to that – which was nice to get as confirmation 🙂

        I’ve recently started learning React because I think it would be useful for a future project I want to build (heavily interface oriented).

        I think the most important thing is learning the underlying technologies properly (html, css, javascript) and then you should be able to adapt to these other things that get layered on top.

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