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29 Mar 2008

In the workplace

37Signals have recently posted a couple of articles on improving the workplace experience and they’re doing things I can only dream of. The posts in questions are workplace experiments, and fire the workaholics.Workplace experimentsSome of their ideas are great. I...
28 Dec 2006

In game ads don’t work?

Advertising in games is something that has been getting a lot of media attention recently. Some reports say that gamers love it, provided things are in context (ads on billboards in a city for example) and, more recently, they say...
28 Nov 2006

Blogging for money – should I do it?

I have been thinking about the whole “blogging for profit” thing recently – in particular ReviewMe.Have I really sold my soul to the devil if I start reviewing other peoples stuff?So far I’ve had two offers to review things from...