Celebrating 100 Episodes of WPBriefs

I was updating WPBriefs the other day and noticed something exciting - the most recent episode happened to be the 100th! It’s amazing to think how far this podcast has come since its humble beginnings. As I write this, we’re already on episode 102, and I can’t wait to see how it changes in the next 100 episodes.

One of the biggest changes in the podcast over these 100 episodes is how I create and present the content. From day one, I’ve relied on artificial intelligence (AI) to write and perform the scripts for each episode. Without AI, it would have been nearly impossible for me to produce so many shows consistently.

But it’s not just about automation; there have been some tweaks along the way to make each episode more enjoyable for listeners. Now, at the beginning or end of every script, you’ll find friendly greetings like “Happy weekend” or “Welcome back for a new week.” These small touches add a personal touch and help create a connection with the listeners.

Another improvement I made was adding links in footnotes automatically using AI. This saves me time from manually inserting links while ensuring that relevant resources are readily available to listeners who want more information on specific topics discussed in an episode.

To enhance visual appeal and engagement, I started generating images to accompany each post automatically. By utilizing PHP and the GD library, along with a selection of photos from WordPress’ photo directory, I randomly select an image and apply filters before overlaying text containing the post title. Although this process doesn’t involve AI directly, it operates seamlessly without my intervention - making it feel almost like magic!

Lastly, I introduced a section called “What Is” within WPBriefs where readers can find pages dedicated to various WordPress terms, companies, and people mentioned throughout episodes. These pages compile all mentions from our podcasts so that users can easily navigate to relevant content. This not only saves me time but also keeps the content fresh and up-to-date through an automated script. As I continue to think of new additions, I will expand this “What Is” section further.

Creating WPBriefs has been an incredibly interesting journey for me. Not only does it help me stay up-to-date with WordPress news, but it has also been a valuable learning experience as I delve into AI and automation. The knowledge and skills gained from building these AI-driven tools extend beyond the podcast, benefiting my work on other projects as well.

Remember to tune in every week day for your dose of WordPress insights, news, and updates.

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