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  1. I am confused (I haven’t seen it yet), but is the movie animated or like the other TMNT movies?

  2. “Splinter has been removed, and the turtles are now at a loose end”

    no not splinter. shredder.

  3. Oops – how comes you’re the only person to notice I got them mixed up? I’ve fixed it now, don’t know how I could miss that, thanks for pointing it out.

  4. well acutally shredder isnt removed….just erm kind of dead……..well for now anyway πŸ˜€

  5. i like the films but i hope the turtle body is create like the first body of the turtle, because when u want to see the true think the body of the turtle is more dark and not look friendly and also i hope the story is more better than this because i see the story is good but must be more in action.thats all thanks

  6. It was awesome! and Im 14, i luved it! i watched it like thirty time no joke! i luv how leo and ralph fight thts my fav part! u should c it! im going to watchit again and i just watched it two days ago! i nvr get bored of it!!! luv it!! and yes there going to have a sequel in 2014!!! can wait and it says shredder is back! cya! gonna get popcorn and sit down to watch again for the 100th time!

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